Powerful Game Design Tools

MultiGame contains all of the standard game behaviors that all games need, fully-programmed and ready-to-use.

MultiGame works with almost all other assets, scripts, packages and systems for Unity thanks to it's powerful event system, which is able to "see into" and send and receive events to and from virtually any system.

MultiGame can be used to:

  • Build new games from the ground up

  • Add one of over one hundred features to your current project

  • Replace prototype scripts with finalized code

  • "Glue" disparate assets and systems together

  • Create scenes and objects much faster with an array of intuitive tools

Each component has been developed for use during a specific game development endeavor, and then meticulously refined and tested for maximum re-usability, stability, and mutability.


The wheel

In C# form.

Often, game development involves re-inventing the health bar. And while that is a good exercise the first few times, sometimes, we just want a health bar so that we can move on.

This is where MultiGame comes in. Not only does it supply all or nearly all of the scripts we need to ship any given game, it serves as a powerful "glue" that binds disparate Unity Asset Store assets together. Even systems that are normally totally separate can often be made to work together using MultiGame.


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