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The one tool that all Unity designers need to finish games fast!!

✔️ 125 Game Features!!!

✔️ Rapid Dev. Toolbar

✔️ Managed Message System

🔐 100% Safe & Secure, No Risk To You!

Your FREE copy of MultiGame Core will be sent to the email address you submit above!

Who's on our team? The best and brightest of course. And what’s even better? We’re also super fun. Each day, we come to work to play games and make games. We believe in innovation and take pride in our promise to bring the next best game to the market. You’re invited to meet our fantastic team and we hope you will love what we’ve got in store for you. Feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries you may have.


Hi, I'm Will, and I'm obsessed with empowering game developers. Whether that involves tools, education, assets, or services, I want to help you reach your game design goals as quickly and painlessly as possible!

- Will Hendrickson, founder of Tech Drone

Neon Spheres

MultiGame Core

Packed With Features!

MultiGame Core forms an excellent foundation for any Unity project. In addition to it's powerful Rapid Dev Toolbar, some of it's features include:

  1. Build games fast with or without programming!

  2. Powerful and flexible event system

  3. IMGUI built-in user interfaces to quickly add UI in one click

  4. Save common data easily

  5. Built-in documentation right in the Inspector for every component

  6. Prefab painter to quickly paint objects into your scene

  7. Collider generator that puts colliders on your objects with one click

  8. Automate creation of common resources like Animation data and LOD Groups

  9. Health, spawning, and destruction

  10. Procedural primitives and UVs

  11. Snapping and placement systems

  12. Motion system to easily add life to gameObjects

  13. Interaction system to allow your player and other game objects to interact dynamically with each other

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