MultiGame Pro
MultiGame Professional for Unity lets you build games in hours and minutes instead of days and weeks! Contains many features for programmers and non-programmers! *Note: MultiGame is currently in early access, and may contain experimental features* + Unity Pro is not needed for this asset # FEATURES: - Complete Unity 2017 game framework for real-time 3D and 2.5D games - Built-in documentation right in the Inspector - Use pre-built behaviors or program your own - Rapid Development Toobar helps build and place prefabs quickly - Online Multiplayer with Photon - CharacterOmnicontroller 1st and 3rd person system with SmartCam - Enemy AI, turrets, and AI that takes player orders - Full inventory, health and combat systems - Save/Load the game & player-created content - Interaction system can make anything interactive - Motion system to move objects around the scene - Achievements, resources, and collectibles - Music Manager, sounds and audio - Doors, sliding or rotating - Sends ManagedMessages, powerful events for artists and programmers - Camera controllers - Derive from MultiModule to enhance inspectors & send ManagedMessages - Curves, splines and lines - UV Scalar: get the right fit for any pattern! - ClickPainter allows the player to change object materials - Tornadoes which wreak havoc upon your scenes - 130 Unique game behaviors plus 40 experimental features, always growing - Editor tools for placing objects and building environments - Regular updates containing bug fixes and new features - Uses the "Unity Way" to help you skip many boring implementation problems EULA: (perpetual, royalty-free use, make games without crediting us)
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