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MultiGame Pro

MultiGame Pro


Check out the documentation here.


MultiGame Professional for Unity lets you build games in hours and minutes instead of days and weeks!

Contains many features for programmers and non-programmers!


*Note: MultiGame is currently in early access, and may contain experimental features*


+ Unity Pro is not needed for this asset



- Complete Unity 2017 game framework for real-time 3D and 2.5D games

- Built-in documentation right in the Inspector

- Use pre-built behaviors or program your own

- Rapid Development Toobar helps build and place prefabs quickly

- Online Multiplayer with Photon

- CharacterOmnicontroller 1st and 3rd person system with SmartCam

- Enemy AI, turrets, and AI that takes player orders

- Full inventory, health and combat systems

- Save/Load the game & player-created content

- Interaction system can make anything interactive

- Motion system to move objects around the scene

- Achievements, resources, and collectibles

- Music Manager, sounds and audio

- Doors, sliding or rotating

- Sends ManagedMessages, powerful events for artists and programmers

- Camera controllers

- Derive from MultiModule to enhance inspectors & send ManagedMessages

- Curves, splines and lines

- UV Scalar: get the right fit for any pattern!

- ClickPainter allows the player to change object materials

- Tornadoes which wreak havoc upon your scenes

- 130 Unique game behaviors plus 40 experimental features, always growing

- Editor tools for placing objects and building environments

- Regular updates containing bug fixes and new features

- Uses the "Unity Way" to help you skip many boring implementation problems



(perpetual, royalty-free use, make games without crediting us)

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