Put the limits of your imagination to the test. Whether you’re an experienced designer or an aspiring creator, this is your chance to put your vision to work and build something amazing from scratch.

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Creators matter — and at this GameJam, you're the star of the show. Register and get access to an exclusive edition of Multigame to make your game building experience even better.

This year’s event takes place from Friday, Sept. 6th to Friday, Sept. 13th at[inserthere].

  • You must be at least 18 years old to enter
  • Please treat your teammates and fellow game jammers respectfully
  • Your game must be created exclusively at the event. This means you can bring libraries of assets, but you cannot begin assembling the game before the jam begins
Game requirements
  • Your game must be related in some way to the theme of the event (coming soon)
  • How you interpret the theme is up to you
  • You must give credit to the people who helped you make your game
  • Multigame is large and complex, so we suggest you get familiar with the basics of the program early.

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Sept. 6 - Sept. 8

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