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We empower creators through creation. With our tools and services, you can reach new heights of art, design and productivity. And, you can do it faster than ever before...

Why We Work

Passion for creation

Game and interactive media development is an exciting,  complex and competitive field. From Tech Drone's creation in 2011, we have empowered creators and companies to build digital experiences that surpass expectations, wow customers, and generate interest and revenue.

We do this via a three-part approach:

  • Community building

  • Excellent tools (MultiGame)

  • Development services

Whether you're an individual content creator, small team, or large company, we're confident that we can give you the edge you need to succeed! If you would like, feel free to contact us for a free consultation! We're always glad to help :)


MultiGame Professional

Reduce cost and get to the "meat" of your project ideas quickly!

A powerful interface, API, and over 140 unique editors and behaviors reduce the cost and confusion of interactive development in Unity.


MultiGame Core Beta

Sign up now and get immediate access to MultiGame Core beta for free!

  • Full Source Code!

  • Documentation built-in to each component!

  • Modular ManagedMessages connect all components, even those from outside of MultiGame,

  • Large selection of pre-programmed components for first or third-person games



Tech Drone Developer Services

Game and interaction design is a complex and competitive field. Our keystone service consists of specialized development and support, as well as access to cost-saving software which improves reliability and gives you more value-per-dollar than any other development studio.

Heli Havoc

Casual helicopter action! This short and sweet helicopter experience features fun and challenging helicopter control in two dimensions. Fly around a shattered sky-city brimming with life! Inspired by Sim Copter, this game features a crowd and traffic simulation, multiple mission types, and an excellent soundtrack!


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